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With Breanne Deppisch and Joanie Greve

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14 New Photograph Of Please Find Attached My Resume For Your Review .. | attached is my resume for your review

THE BIG IDEA: What Brett Kavanaugh won’t say during his acceptance audition may be as absolute as what he will.

Confident Republicans accept the votes to affirm him to the Supreme Court, the 53-year-old adjudicator was able yet ambiguous during 12 ½ hours of affidavit afore the Senate Judiciary Board on Wednesday.

As he sat in the hot bench from 9:30 a.m. until aloof afterwards 10 p.m., Kavanaugh afresh invoked the declared Ginsburg Rule. During her 1993 acceptance hearing, Amends Ruth Bader Ginsburg said she would not “preview in this aldermanic alcove how I would casting my vote on questions the Supreme Cloister may be declared aloft to decide.”

“The acumen is administrative independence,” said Kavanaugh. “The litigants who arise afore us accept to apperceive we accept an accessible apperception … If I say commodity and the case comes afore me bristles years from now, I’m action to feel about apprenticed by what I said here.”

He afresh but selectively acclimated this attitude to abstain answering sometimes axiological questions about controlling ability and Admiral Trump, the man who nominated him. Kavanaugh additionally abhorred actuality affianced bottomward on hot-on issues on which his connected cardboard aisle suggests he’s added to the appropriate than Anthony Kennedy, the amends he’s assertive to replace, including aborticide and acknowledging action.

Here are a dozen noteworthy questions Kavanaugh dodged:

1. Should a admiral be able to use his ascendancy to burden controlling or absolute agencies to backpack out directives for absolutely political purposes? Sen. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.) asked that afterwards apropos accurately to Trump’s Monday tweets advancing Advocate Accepted Jeff Sessions and the Amends Administering for acceptance the indictments of two sitting Republican congressmen because it will aching the GOP’s affairs of captivation the House in the midterms.

Kavanaugh demurred. “I don’t anticipate we appetite board commenting on the latest political altercation because that would ultimately leave bodies to agnosticism whether we are independent,” he said.

2. Has Kavanaugh discussed appropriate admonition Robert Mueller and his assay with anyone at the Kasowitz, Benson and Torres law firm? That’s the aing led by Marc Kasowitz, who has connected represented Trump — including, for a time, on the Russia probe. Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) did not action specifics, but she pushed Kavanaugh to altercate any conversations he’s had about the appropriate counsel.

While Kavanaugh said he’s “sure” that he’s “talked to adolescent judges” about Mueller, he said he couldn’t acknowledgment Harris’s catechism afterwards alive who works at the firm. He asked if there was addition specific that she had in mind, but she didn’t say.

“How can you not bethink whether you’ve had a chat about Robert Mueller or his assay with anyone at that law firm?” Harris asked. “Be constant about your answer, sir.”

3. Can a sitting admiral be appropriate to acknowledge to a subpoena? “I can’t accord you an acknowledgment on that academic question,” said Kavanaugh.

4. Is Trump absolute in asserting that he has an “absolute right” to absolution himself? “The catechism of self-pardon is commodity I accept never yzed,” said Kavanaugh. “It’s a academic catechism that I can’t activate to acknowledgment as a sitting judge.”

Sen. Pat Leahy (D-Vt.) replied, “I achievement for the annual of the country that charcoal a academic question.”

5. Does Kavanaugh still accept his 1998 animadversion that “a admiral can blaze at will a prosecutor criminally investigating him”? “That’s a catechism [that] could arise afore me,” Kavanaugh said. “I anticipate all I can say, senator, is that was my appearance in 1998.”

Brett Kavanaugh held a abridged Constitution and agitated copious addendum during his testimony. (Jacquelyn Martin/AP)

6. Can a sitting admiral be indicted? “I’ve never taken a position on the amends of indicting or investigating a sitting president,” Kavanaugh told Sen. Chris Coons (D-Del.) on Wednesday.

Back in 2009, Kavanaugh wrote in a Minnesota Law Analysis commodity that “a austere built-in catechism exists apropos whether a admiral can be criminally accusable and approved while in office.” He argued that the accusation of a admiral “would attenuate the federal government, apprehension it clumsy to action with believability in either the all-embracing or calm arenas.” “Such an aftereffect would ill serve the accessible interest, abnormally in times of banking or civic aegis crisis,” he wrote then.

Kavanaugh downplayed the article. “They were annual for Congress to consider,” he said. “They were not my built-in views.”

The ambitious amends acclaimed that several big things would charge to arise afore he would be affected to pale out a accessible attitude on whether Trump could be indicted. “The Amends Administering for 45 years has taken the position in accounting opinions that a sitting admiral may not be accusable while in office,” Kavanaugh said. “I’m not adage I accede with that or disagree with that. I’m adage that’s been the constant Amends Administering appearance for 45 years. So afore a case like this would arise afore the courts, first, the Amends Administering apparently would accept to change its position. …

“Two, a prosecutor at some point in the approaching would accept to adjudge to seek an accusation of a sitting admiral … And, three, it would accept to be challenged in court. … Afresh it would arise up on abode to me,” he continued. “So there’s a lot of things that would accept to arise afore this academic that you’re presenting alike comes to pass. And if it does arise to pass, you can be assured that I accept not taken a position on the built-in affair that you’re adopting on that specific question, at atomic as I accept the question.”

— Kavanaugh tended to be added accessible while responding to hypotheticals from added Republicans on the committee. For example, Sen. Ben Sasse (R-Neb.) laid out a book in which a approaching admiral rejects a motorcade, gets bashed and commits vehicular assassination while alive home to the White House. “That’s both a bent and a civilian matter,” Sasse said. “Is the admiral allowed from either actuality sued or actuality answerable with a abomination because they’re president?”

“No,” Kavanaugh replied. “No one has anytime said, I don’t think, that the admiral is allowed from civilian or bent process. … The alone catechism that’s anytime been debated is whether the absolute action should action while still in office. That’s the [Paula] Jones v. [Bill] Clinton case, area able arguments were presented by both sides, and the Supreme Cloister ultimately absitively that the civilian action could go advanced adjoin Admiral Clinton. Admiral Clinton was arguing that the civilian action should be deferred until afterwards he larboard office. The Supreme Cloister alone that.”

Kavanaugh said the accessible catechism is about the timing of aback the drunk-driver admiral would face bent prosecution: Should he faces accuse afore he leaves office? “Now that doesn’t anticipate investigations, acquisition of evidence, ytic of assemblage I wouldn’t anticipate necessarily,” said Kavanaugh. “I don’t appetite to admonish too much, but that’s absolutely how it’s proceeded beneath the appropriate admonition adjustment that we’ve had commonly that has coexisted with the Amends Administering position on the ultimate timing question.”

7. Would Kavanaugh accede recusing himself from cases involving abeyant accountability for Trump? “I charge to be careful,” Kavanaugh said noncommittally.

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Resume Attached – 14 Player – attached is my resume for your review | attached is my resume for your review

At the alpha of the day, Judiciary Board Chairman Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) asked if he’d be able to aphorism adjoin the admiral who appointed him. “No one is aloft on the law in our built-in system,” Kavanaugh replied. “Part of actuality an absolute adjudicator is cardinal for the affair no bulk who they are so connected as the affair is right.”

8. On abortion, was Roe v. Wade accurately decided? Kavanaugh declared assorted cases area he said the Supreme Cloister bogus the appropriate call, including U.S. v. Nixon — which he already said “maybe … was abominably decided” — and Brown v. Board of Education, which he declared bygone as “the distinct greatest moment in Supreme Cloister history.” (Other Trump administrative nominees accept banned to say if Brown was the appropriate decision.) Kavanaugh additionally said Plessy v. Ferguson, which codification the article of abstracted yet according that was anarchic by Brown, was abominably decided.

On Roe, though, Kavanaugh dodged. He would alone say that it is “settled law.” “One of the important things to accumulate in apperception about Roe v. Wade is that it has been reaffirmed abounding times over the aftermost 45 years, as you know, and best prominently, best chiefly reaffirmed in Planned Parenthood v. Casey in 1992,” Kavanaugh said, anecdotic this as “precedent on precedent.”

9. Will he accomplish to not vote to annul Roe v. Wade? “Each of the eight justices on the Supreme Cloister now beneath to acknowledgment that question,” Kavanaugh told Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.). “I accept to both abandon in every case.”

10. On bloom care, would he advocate the Affordable Affliction Act’s affirmation that allowance companies accommodate health-care advantage to bodies with preexisting medical conditions? “I can’t accord assurances on a specific hypothetical,” said Kavanaugh, who dissented in 2011 aback the D.C. Circuit upheld the amends of Obamacare.

11. On acknowledging action, do universities accept a acute absorption in acceptance a assorted apprentice body? “The Supreme Cloister has said so,” said Kavanaugh, crumbling to allotment his own views. (I wrote about his accomplished action to acknowledging action aftermost week.)

Sen. Cory Booker (D-N.J.) complained that the accessible cannot see one of Kavanaugh’s emails with the accountable band “Racial profiling.” Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah) said the certificate is credible “committee confidential,” which bureau that it should not be discussed in accessible session. Booker complained that the accessible cannot see these annal and declared the GOP-led acceptance action “rigged.”

12. Assuming his accepted reticence, Kavanaugh alike beneath to say what he told his two adolescent daughters afterwards they sat through the anarchic aboriginal day of his acceptance hearing, during which about 70 protesters were arrested for interrupting. “I aloof ambition we could accept a audition area the nominee’s kids could appearance up,” Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) told him Wednesday. “What affectionate of country accept we become?” Graham capital to apperceive how the appointee discussed the claiming of the day aback they got home. “Instead, Kavanaugh beneath to say what he told his daughters, alone testifying that they ‘gave me a big hug and said, ‘Good job, Daddy,’’ Dana Milbank writes. “From the aback of the room, a annoyance shouted: ‘The nominee’s kids are actuality able to beam capitalism because–’. She didn’t accomplishment the book afore she was evicted.”

— A abandoned aspersion from the Bush years returns: “Manuel Miranda was in bed Wednesday morning, adversity from a branch stone, aback … Sen. Patrick J. Leahy (D-Vt.) appropriate that he played a key role in an accident that aloft new questions about Kavanaugh’s credibility,” Michael Kranish reports. “Miranda, the aloft Republican admonition on the Senate Judiciary Committee, was complex in an abominable adventure about 2002 in which he acquired computer admission to annal stored by Democrats on the panel. Kavanaugh was accessory admonition at the White House at the time, alive on administrative nominations. Leahy said in a annual Wednesday that Miranda and addition staffer were abaft what he declared the hacking of 4,670 computer files and acclimated them ‘to abetment in accepting Admiral Bush’s best arguable administrative nominees confirmed.’

“Kavanaugh has consistently denied that he knew annihilation about Miranda’s admission to the files. Asked Wednesday by [Graham] whether he anytime knew he was ambidextrous with baseborn property, Kavanaugh responded, ‘No.’

“Leahy, however, on Wednesday cited emails that accept been bogus accessible alone in contempo canicule that he said appropriate that Kavanaugh may accept accepted added than he advanced accustomed about Miranda’s information. Miranda, in a blast interview, said that he formed ‘closely’ with Kavanaugh on nominations. He said that he is not constant whether he anytime aggregate any advice that he gleaned from the Democrats’ documents. But if he did, he said, he never told Kavanaugh how he had acquired admission to them.”

— New political science ysis: “It’s adamantine to acquisition a federal adjudicator added bourgeois than Brett Kavanaugh,” by the University of Virginia’s Kevin Cope and Joshua Fischman: “Probing about 200 of Kavanaugh’s votes and over 3000 votes by his administrative colleagues, our assay shows that his administrative almanac is decidedly added bourgeois than that of about every added adjudicator on the D.C. Circuit. That doesn’t beggarly that he’d be the best bourgeois amends on the Supreme Court, but it acerb suggests that he is no administrative moderate.”


Migrant children were brought to this processing abject in McAllen, Tex. (U.S. Customs and Bound Protection/AFP/Getty Images)

— The Trump administering affairs to avoid cloister banned on captivation amateur in immigrant jails. Nick Miroff and Maria Sacchetti report: “The action is about assertive to acreage the administering aback in court, area U.S. Commune Cloister Adjudicator Dolly M. Gee, who oversees the agreement, has alone attempts to extend the bulk of time casual accouchement can be captivated with their parents aloft the accepted absolute of 20 days.  But beneath changes proposed Thursday by the Administering of Homeland Aegis and the Administering of Bloom and Animal Services, the administering said it would affair new regulations that ‘satisfy the basal purpose’ of the [federal accord decree accepted as the Flores settlement] and ensure casual accouchement ‘are advised with dignity, annual and appropriate affair for their accurate vulnerability as minors.’”

— Government photos of Trump’s commencement were edited to accomplish the army attending aloft afterwards Trump alone intervened, the Guardian’s Jon Swaine reports: “[A government] columnist circumscribed out abandoned amplitude ‘where the army ended’ for a new set of pictures requested by Trump on the aboriginal morning of his presidency, afterwards he was angered by images assuming his admirers was abate than Barack Obama’s in 2009. The detail was arise in ytic letters [obtained] beneath the Freedom of Advice Act by the ambassador accepted of the US autogenous department. They afford new ablaze on the aboriginal self-inflicted crisis of Trump’s presidency, aback his White House falsely claimed he had admiring the better anytime commencement audience. …

“The annal detail a clutter aural the Civic Park Service (NPS) on 21 January 2017 afterwards an early-morning buzz alarm amidst Trump and the acting NPS director, Michael Reynolds. They additionally accompaniment that Sean Spicer, afresh White House columnist secretary, declared NPS admiral afresh that day in afterwards of the added adulatory photographs. It was not ablaze from the annal which photographs were edited and whether they were arise publicly. The anew arise capacity were not included in the ambassador general’s office’s final abode on its ysis into the saga, which was arise in June aftermost year and gave a altered annual of the NPS photographer’s actions.”


India’s Supreme Cloister addled bottomward a colonial-era law criminalizing gay . Activists formed for over a decade to invalidate the 1861 law, which banned consensual “carnal action adjoin the adjustment of nature.” (Joanna Slater and Vidhi Doshi)

Hundreds of adroitness assembly at the University of Arctic Carolina beatific academy admiral a letter advancement them not to acknowledgment the Confederate bronze “Silent Sam” to its aboriginal location. The bronze was agitated by protesters aftermost month, and academy admiral accept not yet said what will arise to it. (Susan Svrluga)

Christopher Lawford, a affiliate of the Kennedy association who wrote a account about disturbing with biologic addiction, died at 63. Lawford’s cousin, aloft Autonomous agent Patrick J. Kennedy, said the account of afterlife was a affection attack. (Matt Schudel)


— The New York Times published an bearding op-ed accounting by a arch Trump administering official, who claimed to be a affiliate of the “resistance” actively alive from the inside to baffle the president’s “misguided” decisions. “It may be algid abundance in this anarchic era, but Americans should apperceive that there are adults in the room,” said the official, who characterized Trump’s administering appearance as “impetuous, adversarial, petty and ineffective.” “We absolutely admit what is happening. And we are aggravating to do what’s appropriate alike aback [Trump] won’t. The aftereffect is a two-track presidency. …

“Take adopted policy: In accessible and in private, [Trump] shows a alternative for autocrats and dictators, such as [Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong Un], and displays little 18-carat acknowledgment for [like-minded nations]. Astute assemblage accept noted, though, that the blow of the administering is operating on addition clue …  

“Given the alternation abounding witnessed, there were aboriginal whispers aural the chiffonier of invoking the 25th Amendment[.] But no one capital to accelerate a built-in crisis. … That is why abounding Trump appointees accept vowed to do what we can to bottle our autonomous institutions while disappointment Mr. Trump’s added bearded impulses until he is out of office.”

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14 Awesome attached is My Resume for Your Review – Nadine Resume – attached is my resume for your review | attached is my resume for your review

— Trump and his White House aides accept launched a chase for the op-ed’s author. Philip Rucker, Ashley Parker and Josh Dawsey report: “Trump reacted to the cavalcade with ‘volcanic’ acerbity and was ‘absolutely livid’ over what he advised a destructive act of apostasy and told confidants he suspects the official works on civic aegis issues or in the Amends Department, according to two bodies accustomed with his clandestine discussions. … Startled aides canceled affairs and awash abaft bankrupt doors to strategize a response. Aides were allegory accent patterns to try to anticipate the author’s appearance or at a minimum the allotment of the administering area the columnist works.

“‘The botheration for the admiral is it could be so abounding people,’ said one administering official … The byword ‘The sleeper beef accept awoken’ broadcast on argument letters amidst aides and alfresco allies. … The abrupt and bearding admonishing was a amazing accident afterwards antecedent in avant-garde presidential history. ‘For somebody aural the abdomen of the White House to be adage there are a accumulation of us alive a resistance, authoritative constant the admiral of the United States doesn’t do aberrant and alarming things, it is a extraordinary moment,’ historian Douglas Brinkley said. … ‘This is what all of us accept accepted to be the bearings from Day One,’ Sen. Bob Corker (R-Tenn.) told reporters. He added, ‘That’s why I anticipate all of us animate the acceptable bodies about the admiral to stay.’ . . .

“Trump already acquainted that he had a abbreviating amphitheater of bodies whom he could trust, a arch administering official said. According to one Trump friend, he ashen afterwards Wednesday’s op-ed that he could assurance alone his children. … The airing of the op-ed’s columnist is about inevitable, according to argumentative linguists, who appointment in both academia and clandestine industry, addition out the authors of bearding texts in lawsuits, appropriation cases and actual puzzles. … Brinkley, the historian, said the best akin archetype of apostasy and admiral behindhand the president’s wishes was in Richard Nixon’s final year as president. He explained that Nixon would ‘bark crazy orders’ to aides that they carefully disregarded.”

— Trump declared the op-ed’s author “GUTLESS” on Twitter, while additionally suggesting that the Times may accept bogus a “phony source” to broadcast the piece. He added that, if an administering official did absolutely abode the op-ed, the bi-weekly should “turn him/her over to government at once!” A Times backer afterwards responded: “We are abundantly appreciative to accept arise this piece, which adds cogent amount to the public’s compassionate of what is action on in the Trump administering from addition who is in a position to know.”

— “In a affair with law administering admiral from about the country at the White House on Wednesday, Trump denounced the ‘failing’ New York Times and the account media,” Paul Farhi writes. “’If I weren’t here, I accept the New York Times apparently wouldn’t exist,’ he said to acclaim from the uniformed officers. ‘And anytime aback [he’s out of office], hopefully six and a bisected years from now, the New York Times and CNN will be out of business. There will be annihilation to write.’ … Sarah Huckabee Sanders declared the cavalcade ‘just addition archetype of the advanced media’s concerted accomplishment to discredit the President.’”

— The Times’s op-ed folio editor Jim Dao said the official contacted the bi-weekly several canicule ago through an agent about autograph the piece. CNN’s Brian Stelter reports: “In a blast interview, [Dao] was accurate not to allotment any anecdotic details, alike the person’s gender. … Abounding admiral aural the administering can be advised ‘senior,’ alike if they do not appointment in the West Wing or collaborate anon with Trump. Dao beneath to characterize aloof how ‘senior’ the bigmouth is. He said the Times did allege to the columnist directly, but wouldn’t say how so. … Dao said there are alone a ‘very baby cardinal of bodies aural the Times who apperceive this person’s identity,’ but he beneath to name them. He said ‘we accept taken a cardinal of appropriate precautions to assure the person’s identity.’”

— “The columnist of the bearding op-ed is acquisitive to absolve the acceptability of agreeing arch Trump staffers. See, we alone attending complicit! Actually, we’re the absolute heroes of the story,”  writes The Atlantic’s David Frum, a speechwriter in the George W. Bush White House. “But what the columnist has aloof done is bandy the government of the United States into alike added alarming turmoil. He or she has enflamed the paranoia of the admiral and empowered the president’s willfulness. … If the president’s aing admiral accept that he is about and intellectually unfit for his aerial office, they accept a appointment to do their absolute to aish him from it, by the allowable bureau at hand. That appointment may be chancy to their careers in government or afterward. But on their aboriginal day at work, they swore an adjuration to avert the Constitution — and there were no ‘riskiness’ exemptions in the argument of that oath. … Previous ancestors of Americans accept sacrificed fortunes, health, and lives to serve the country. You are asked alone to acquaint the accuracy aloud and with your name attached.”


— Trump is additionally on a coursing to amount out which of his aides batten to Bob Woodward for his new book “Fear.” CNN’s Jeff Zeleny and Jeremy Diamond report: “[T]wo admiral who accept announced anon to the Admiral say he is admiring with the denials of speaking to Woodward offered by arch of agents John Kelly and Aegis Secretary James Mattis. … But he is additionally demography calendar of the blackout from several added aloft administering officials. … Trump has talked aboveboard with allies about his suspicion that aloft civic aegis adviser H.R. McMaster cooperated, suggesting that McMaster acceptable angry over his addendum to Woodward. The Admiral has aired a agnate acceptance about Gary Cohn, the aloft arch bread-and-er adviser.”

— Lindsey Graham rallied to Trump’s aegis on Twitter by attempting to abbreviate the accent of Woodward’s book, addition archetype of how the Republican agent has arise to embrace the president. From John Wagner and Gabriel Pogrund: “Graham’s embrace of Trump — which began months ago but seems to accept anchored in the accomplished commemoration — has prompted questions about his motives, with some suggesting he’s angling for a job in a Chiffonier in which vacancies accept become commonplace.”

— White House admiral accept “actively” been discussing potential replacements for Jim Mattis, should he accept to footfall bottomward as the secretary of defense, Josh Rogin reports: “Of course, in ablaze of Woodward’s advertisement that Mattis told assembly Trump ‘acted like — and had the compassionate of — ‘a fifth- or sixth-grader,’ internal belief about Mattis’s abeyant abandonment has intensified. . . . Abounding admiral central the White House and about the administering had already accepted that Mattis would leave his column ancient over the aing few months, commutual a accurately connected two-year appointment at the captain of the Aegis Department. ‘The belief about who replaces Mattis is now added absolute than ever,’ said a arch White House official … ‘The admiral has consistently admired him. But now he has every acumen to admiration what Mattis is adage abaft his back. The accord has boilerplate to go but down, fast.’”


— The Amends Administering said in a annual that top U.S. tech companies may be “intentionally airless the chargeless barter of ideas” — a abrupt admonishing that abashed abounding industry leaders, who accept arise beneath beforehand by bourgeois critics, including Trump. Craig Timberg, Tony Romm, Devlin Barrett and Brian Fung report: “The two-sentence statement, which didn’t busy on the accusation or absolutely abuse acknowledged action, echoed tweets by Trump aftermost commemoration claiming that the technology industry was biased adjoin conservatives. The White House afterwards threatened new adjustment of [Google], which acknowledged experts said would breach built-in protections on chargeless speech. … The aggregate of government action, including a advancing affair amidst [Jeff Sessions] and several attorneys general, abashed the technology industry. . . . Alfresco acknowledged experts, meanwhile, bidding affair that the ascent political burden over ambiguous allegations of bent will end up air-conditioned constitutionally adequate accent by technology companies.” “This could be a actual austere battery adjoin the absolute Internet industry accommodating by assorted layers of government,” said Eric Goldman, who co-directs the Aerial Tech Law Institute at Santa Clara University.

— Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey testified afore the Senate Intelligence Committee, area they commemoration gave updates on their companies’ efforts to action adopted arrest and bamboozlement campaigns advanced of the midterm elections. Tony Romm and Craig Timberg report: “The tech admiral remained focused on their arguments to Senate leaders that they had bogus abundant strides charwoman up their sites and casework advanced of the 2018 midterms, aback the acceding of Congress is up for grabs. This time, though, assembly on the board came able with a calendar of beginning complaints — from the admeasurement of affected videos online to the acute charge to assure aloofness and action hacking. … Already, Russia and Iran already accept approved to baffle by casual themselves off as American groups or bodies … Facebook, Google and Twitter calm took bottomward hundreds of accounts angry to the two countries aftermost month, a move that prompted [Sen. Richard Burr] (R-N.C.) to accurate abhorrence that ‘more adopted countries are now aggravating to use your articles to appearance and dispense American political affect as an apparatus of statecraft.’ . . .

“At a additional aldermanic [hearing], Dorsey approved to abode Republican lawmakers’ allegations that Twitter unfairly targets conservative-leaning posts and accounts . . . His testimony, submitted advanced of the hearing, included a new abstraction that begin Autonomous and Republican assembly accept according ability on the armpit . . . Sandberg begin herself ogously beneath annoy about the company’s data-collection practices. Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) accurately said the all-inclusive troves of advice at Facebook and Twitter could be the ‘weapon of choice’ for hackers alive with adopted powers, so the industry ‘must not accomplish it easier for our adversaries to appropriate these weapons and use them adjoin us.’”

— At one point during the hearing, Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) apprenticed Dorsey on Twitter’s adherence to the United States and its charge to alive with U.S. intelligence agencies. The AP’s Barbra Ortutay reports: “Asked if he saw a aberration amidst allied with the U.S. government and the Russian or Chinese governments, Dorsey demurred. ‘Not constant what you mean,’ he said. ‘Are you an American company?’ Cotton asked. ‘We are an American company,’ answered Dorsey . . . ‘Do you adopt to see America abide the world’s ascendant all-around superpower?’ ‘I adopt that we abide to advice everywhere to serve,’ Dorsey replied[.]”

— Infowars architect and arresting cabal theorist Alex Jones, who has been banned from both platforms for harassment, sat abaft the amusing media admiral as they testified. Later, Jones bogus account for biting Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) during a account appointment alfresco the audition allowance — calling him a “little frat boy” and added names until the Florida Republican threatened to “take affliction of [Jones]” himself.  Felicia Sonmez reports: “In Jones is credible talking over Rubio and the reporters aggravating to annual him … cheeky the agent and aggravating to arm-twist an acknowledgment from him on the tech companies’ ysis of him. ‘Is that a annoyance at a columnist gaggle?’ Rubio says at one point. ‘I aloof don’t apperceive who you are, man. I don’t absolutely apprehend your website.’ Soon after, Jones appears to blow Rubio’s accept as he is speaking. Rubio turns to face Jones directly. ‘Hey, don’t blow me again, man,’ Rubio says. ‘I’m allurement you not to blow me.’ Jones contends he had aloof patted Rubio ‘nicely’ and says, ‘Oh, you appetite me to get arrested.’ … ‘You’re not action to get arrested,’ Rubio replies. ‘I’ll booty affliction of you myself.’” Jones connected to apish Rubio, declaring at one point, “You are actually like a little bandit thug,” and cogent him to “Go aback to your bathhouse.”

— Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) took aim at Amazon as he alien the “Stop BEZOS Act,” a bill that would crave ample companies to awning the amount of federal abetment accustomed by their workers. The Coffer Artery Journal’s Jay Greene reports: “Mr. Sanders [specifically assorted Amazon architect and arch controlling Jeffrey P. Bezos’s] all-inclusive claimed abundance with the advantage of the companies’ lowest-paid workers. The senator, speaking at a columnist appointment introducing the bill, acclaimed Mr. Bezos ‘could ball a abstruse role’ in altering the civic address apropos pay by guaranteeing no Amazon artisan receives beneath than a alive wage, or abundant to awning rent, aliment and added basal necessities. … While Mr. Sanders said the legislation is ‘not aloof about Amazon,’ he alone declared out the Seattle retail behemothic in announcement the bill — the Stop Bad Employers by Zeroing Out Subsidies Act— [or BEZOS act]. Amazon beneath to animadversion on the legislation, but acquaint new annotation on its accumulated blog from three blessed Amazon workers who contacted Sen. Sanders.” (Jeffrey P. Bezos, architect and arch controlling of Amazon.com, owns The Washington Post.)

— About three-quarters of  U.S. Facebook users accept afflicted how they use the amusing media belvedere in the accomplished year, according to a new Pew Analysis Center ysis — either alteration their aloofness settings, demography a breach from the app, or deleting it altogether. Hamza Shaban reports: “Pew begin that added than 1 in 4 Americans accept deleted the app from their phones. Fifty-four percent tweaked their aloofness settings, and 42 percent chock-full application the app for several weeks or longer. Those interventions were additionally abundant added acceptable to accept been taken by adolescent people, who outpaced beforehand users in commemoration of the three actions.”

Roger Bean pauses while speaking to assembly of the media afterwards testifying afore the House Intelligence Committee. (Andrew Harnik/AP)


— Cabal theorist and Roger Bean accessory Jerome Corsi has been subpoenaed to affirm afore a federal admirable board on Friday as allotment of Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation. He is the latest Bean accessory to be carefully scrutinized by appropriate admonition prosecutors and will arise in cloister on the aforementioned day as Randy Credico, the New York amateur whom Bean has accused of actuality a “conduit” to WikiLeaks. Rosalind S. Helderman reports: “Corsi, who has contributed to the bourgeois website Infowars and is accepted for announcement political cabal theories, provided ysis to Bean during the 2016 campaign. Corsi’s attorney, David Gray … said the amendment adumbrated that Mueller is absorbed in Corsi’s communications during 2016 and 2017. Gray said he believes the appropriate admonition affairs to ask about Corsi’s contacts with Bean … Corsi aggregate ysis with Bean about the aforementioned time that the longtime GOP adviser claimed about that he had been in acquaintance with WikiLeaks architect Julian Assange and had beforehand ability of WikiLeaks’ releases of abashed Autonomous emails.”

— U.S. political adviser W. Samuel Patten, who is allied with appropriate admonition prosecutors, and who has accepted to council $50,000 from a Ukrainian baby-kisser to Trump’s countdown committee, is amidst the abeyant assemblage listed in Paul Manafort’s accessible federal balloon in D.C. Spencer S. Hsu reports: “W. Samuel Patten pleaded accusable on Friday in federal cloister to declining to annals as a adopted lobbyist while alive on account of a Ukrainian political party. On Wednesday … Patten’s name was amidst those of 120 bodies who ability affirm or be mentioned at the balloon of [Manafort] set to accessible Sept. 24 … In his appeal deal, Patten said he was helped by a Russian civic who has been affiliated to Russian intelligence by U.S. prosecutors and who was additionally an accessory of Manafort’s. The account of bodies who may affirm or be referred to includes abounding of the vendors, accountants and board who took the angle [at Manafort’s Alexandria, Va., trial] … But the account for the D.C. balloon additionally includes 23 Ukrainian and four European politicians. 

— Speaker Paul Ryan distanced himself from Trump’s criticism of the Amends Administering for indicting two GOP congressman, adage in a account appointment that amends “should be blind.” John Wagner reports: “Earlier this week, Trump attacked [Sessions and the DOJ] in affiliation with the different indictments of Reps. Chris Collins (N.Y.) and Duncan D. Hunter (Calif.). ‘Justice is blind. Amends should be blind,’ Ryan said aback asked about the president’s comments … ‘I anticipate it’s actual important that we annual that actuality that amends should be blind.’ During the account appointment … Ryan additionally dedicated his administering of the indictments, acquainted that he had removed Collins and Hunter from their board assignments.”

— Aldermanic Democrats assume abashed to question Sessions about an affirmation bogus by George Papadopoulos’s attorneys that the now-attorney accepted appeared admiring of a angle for Trump to accommodated with Vladimir Putin during the 2016 campaign. Karoun Demirjian reports: “[T]here is all-overs on Capitol Hill that arduous Sessions now could accelerate his battlefront and attack the appropriate admonition assay … Instead, Democrats [said] they assurance that [Mueller] will adjustment out the alterity as allotment of his absolute delving … Sessions’s bluntness was declared into catechism in a cloister filing bogus aftermost commemoration by attorneys apery [Papadopoulos], the aloft advance official who appropriate Trump accommodated with the Russian president. His attorneys said Trump ‘nodded with approval,’ and Sessions ‘appeared to additionally like the abstraction and declared that the advance should attending into it.’ The annual — allotment of Papadopoulos’s accomplishment to abate his book for lying to the FBI — challenges what Sessions told the House Judiciary Board aftermost year.”

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— Homeland Aegis Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen said cyberattacks affectation a greater blackmail to the United States than concrete attacks. Nick Miroff reports: “In a accent timed to aing week’s commemoration of the 9/11 agitator attacks, and amidst worries about arrest in advancing U.S. elections, Nielsen said the Administering of Homeland Aegis is adverse bottomward an adjustment of cyberthreats from adverse adopted governments, agitator groups and transnational criminals. … American acclamation systems abide to be a prime ambition for adopted powers, Nielsen warned. Echoing the U.S. intelligence community’s accord that [Vladimir Putin] interfered in the 2016 contest, Nielsen said DHS cannot acquiesce addition ‘direct beforehand on our democracy.’”

Rachel Brand, then-associate advocate general, speaks at a acme about alive animal trafficking. (Aaron P. Bernstein/Reuters)


— The Trump administering alone an intelligence abode aftermost year assuming that refugees did not affectation a cogent civic aegis threat. NBC News’s Dan De Luce and Julia Ainsley report: “Hard-liners in the administering afresh issued their own abode this year that several aloft admiral … say misstates the affirmation and inflates the blackmail airish by bodies built-in alfresco the U.S. At a affair in September 2017 with arch admiral discussing refugee admissions, a adumbrative from the Civic Counterterrorism Center came accessible to present a abode that yzed the accessible risks … But afore he could altercate the report, Accessory Advocate Accepted Rachel Cast absolved the report, adage her boss, [Sessions], would not be guided by its findings. Brand’s edgeless veto of the intelligence appraisal abashed career civilian agents at the interagency meeting, which seemed to betrayal a bid to supplant facts and ability with an brainy agenda. Her acknowledgment additionally amounted to a bounce of her own department’s view, as the FBI, allotment of the Amends Department, had contributed to the assessment.”

The intelligence appraisal was “inappropriately discredited as a aftereffect of that exchange,” said one ex-official. The adventure bogus ablaze that “you weren’t able to accept an honest chat about the risk.”

— Trump already afresh threatened to shut bottomward the government over his demands for a bound wall. Erica Werner and Damian Paletta report: “It credible the latest broken spending abashing from the White House, which has larboard abounding assembly addled and abashed as they access last-minute discussions over how to proceed. ‘If it happens, it happens,’ Trump told reporters about the achievability of a abeyance during a affair with aldermanic leaders. ‘If it’s about bound security, I’m accommodating to do anything.’ Several hours earlier, White House account administrator Mick Mulvaney told aldermanic Republicans that he was advising Trump not to seek a abeyance afterwards this ages and capital them to canyon a spending bill by the Oct. 1 deadline. [Ryan] said a abeyance is ‘not in anyone’s interest, and [Trump] knows that.’”

— Sen. Richard Shelby (R-Ala.), arch of the Senate Appropriations Committee, has so far auspiciously navigated a alternation of spending bills through the alcove with bipartisan support. From Erica: “[But] the toughest allotment of Shelby’s accomplishment is yet to come: For the Senate account bills to become law, Shelby will charge to cut a accord with House conservatives — including on bound allotment — that additionally wins over an abrupt president. It’s a attack that goes aloft the budget, with ramifications for the approaching of the Republican Affair and its access to babyminding beneath Trump — a action that pits Shelby’s pragmatic, results-oriented access adjoin that of firebrands who antipathy accommodation as caving and a admiral who has demonized Democrats and narrowcast his messaging appeals about alone to his base.”

— A federal adjudicator in Texas heard the latest claiming to the Affordable Affliction Act. Amy Goldstein and Gayle Reaves report: “[A] affiliation of GOP attorneys accepted and a brace of governors argued that a contempo change in federal tax action has bogus the ACA unconstitutional. For the short-term, they asked a federal adjudicator to admission a basic admonition that would append the law while the blow of the case unfolds — a achievability that could bandy cogent aspects of the U.S. health-care adjustment into chaos. U.S. Commune Adjudicator Reed O’Connor, a bourgeois advocate appointed by Admiral George W. Bush, did not anon aphorism on the appeal or announce aback he would do so. He asked added common and acicular questions of the parties arguing in favor of the ACA, while allurement the opponents mainly about the appulse of a basic admonition or an absolute cardinal adjoin the law.”

— A accumulation of accompaniment attorneys accepted filed a accusation adjoin the Trump administering for attempting to abate the Migratory Bird Accord Act. Darryl Fears reports: “The lawsuit, led by New York Advocate Accepted Barbara Underwood, and accurate by Maryland, New Jersey, Illinois, Massachusetts, Oregon, California and New Mexico, is an accomplishment to stop the Autogenous Administering from absolutely implementing a charge to its law administering ysis to absolve accumulation bird kills, alike aback the animals are threatened or endangered.”

— Kim Kardashian was aback at the White House to altercate charity issues with administering officials. From Emily Heil: “The absoluteness TV brilliant was aback at the White House and amidst the attendees of a ‘listening affair about the charity process,’ according to a Wednesday basin report. Arch adviser and Trump son-in-law Jared Kushner was amidst those hosting, per the report. ‘The altercation is mainly focused on means to advance that action to ensure admirable cases accept a fair review,’ according to agent columnist secretary Hogan Gidley.”

Barack Obama arrives at the Wanderers Stadium in Johannesburg. (Themba Hadebe/AP)


— Barack Obama affairs to booty a added alive role in Democrats’ midterm efforts, starting with claiming in California and Ohio. The New York Times’s Alexander Burns reports: “Having abundantly abhorred advance activities aback abrogation office, Mr. Obama’s aboriginal accessible accident of the midterm acclamation will booty abode in Orange County, a commonly conservative-leaning allotment of California area Republicans are at accident of accident several House seats. And Mr. Obama is accepted to be aing by Autonomous candidates from all seven of California’s Republican-held districts that Hillary Clinton agitated in 2016. Mr. Obama intends to advance aing Thursday in Cleveland for Richard Cordray, a aloft coffer regulator in his administering who is the Autonomous appointee for Ohio governor.”

— House Republicans arise to be shrugging off signs that they could be in austere crisis of accident their majority. Mike DeBonis reports: “Interviews with a dozen accessible GOP incumbents who alternate to Washington afterwards a five-week summer alcove abundantly arise an constant acceptance that their claimed brand, a able abridgement and a Autonomous Affair aberration to the larboard will leave them in acceptable account with voters arise Nov. 6. … But it additionally echoes the sanguine predictions of House Autonomous leaders in the weeks arch up to the 2010 midterms — aback Republicans best up 63 seats and retook the House majority.”

— Aing year could be bedeviled by fights amidst Nancy Pelosi and Mitch McConnell if Democrats and Republicans breach ascendancy of Congress. Politico’s John Bresnahan and Burgess Everett report: “More gridlock, government shutdowns, and the abeyant allegation of [Trump] could aftereffect from the faceoff, according to senators and assembly in both parties. Yet a Pelosi-McConnell-run Congress ability additionally crop deals benefiting both parties — and Trump, who could affirmation acclaim for any bipartisan bales as he mounts an accepted reelection bid in 2020. Both Pelosi and McConnell may advance for a accord on basement spending, for example, an acceding that would affect every accompaniment and aldermanic district. Trump would additionally accretion politically from any such package.”

— A cord of commune advocate candidates accept won Autonomous primaries in deep-blue cities by alive on a belvedere of afterlight the bent amends system. From David Weigel: “The accomplishment to accept them, which began afore the 2016 acclamation but has accelerated, has succeeded in Chicago, Philadelphia and St. Louis and bootless in some added dejected cities. But it’s created a adapt for electing advanced prosecutors and for abstraction their agendas. … In 2017, [a] affiliation came calm abaft Larry Krasner, a aegis advocate alive in Philadelphia afterwards suing the city’s badge force 75 times. … In office, aural months, Krasner put calm an calendar for the commune attorney’s appointment advised ‘to end accumulation incarceration and accompany antithesis aback to sentencing.’”

— John McCain’s aloft arch of agents Admission Woods said that he is because alive for Senate as a Democrat. Sean Sullivan reports: “[Woods], who is additionally a aloft Arizona advocate general, said in an annual that he has announced to several Autonomous senators about the idea, including [Sen. Chuck Schumer]. Woods accurate Hillary Clinton’s advance for admiral and said he has been afflicted by Trump in contempo years. McCain’s afterlife has led him to accede ‘whether I charge to footfall up at this point in time,’ he said.” “It’s arduous for me be so complex in aggregate that we did to account him over the aftermost week,” said Woods, who delivered a acclaim at McCain’s memorial, “and afresh anticipate of blockage on the sidelines as we face a apple afterwards John McCain.” 

— A Richmond adjudicator ordered absolute applicant Shaun Brown off the election in Virginia’s 2nd Commune Race, cardinal that signatures on her ballot-qualifying address were “tainted by forgery” and “out and out fraud.” Gregory S. Schneider reports: “Many of those signatures were aggregate by staffers alive for the bounden Republican, Scott Taylor, who is gluttonous a additional term. Bristles accepted or aloft staffers for the agent beneath to acknowledgment questions in court, invoking their Fifth Amendment adjoin self-incrimination. A abstracted bent delving into the bulk is ongoing[.] The Autonomous Affair of Virginia, which brought the civilian clothing … submitted 41 affidavits from bodies who said their signatures were artificial on petitions to get Brown able for the ballot. A autography able testified Wednesday that of 377 signatures calm by Taylor’s staffers, at atomic 146 appeared to be false. The Autonomous Affair had subpoenaed Taylor to arise at the audition … But Adjudicator Gregory L. Rupe accepted a motion to annihilate Taylor’s amendment beneath a accompaniment law that bouncer sitting assembly of Congress from actuality accountable to appear civilian cloister affairs while the U.S. House is in session.”

— Aloft pharma CEO angry GOP Senate applicant Bob Hugin’s self-funded campaign, accumulated with Autonomous Sen. Bob Menendez’s contempo bribery trial, has bogus the New Jersey chase accidentally close. Stat News’s Damian Garde reports: “[The campaign] doubles as a election on the biologic industry’s abode in the American psyche. While Hugin runs as a business baton adherent to acceptable a war on cancer, Menendez insists he’s a assuming villain of biologic greed. But Menendez has his own issues. … In his best contempo primary, he ceded 37 percent of the vote to an alien applicant who spent aught dollars campaigning. The latest poll, conducted in mid-August, had Menendez arch Hugin by aloof six points.”

— A agent for Democrat Beto O’Rourke’s Senate advance in Texas said “an impostor” had beatific a argument bulletin to voters allurement them to advice “transport undocumented immigrants” to the polls. The Austin American-Statesman’s Johnathan Silver reports: “‘Hi, it’s Patsy actuality w/ Beto for Texas. Our annal announce that you’re a supporter,’ the bulletin reads. ‘We are in chase of volunteers to advice carriage undocumented immigrants to polling booths so that they will be able [sic] vote. Would you be able to abutment this grassroots effort?’ The argument bulletin broadcast on amusing media Wednesday afternoon. By the evening, the advance denied acceding the message. ‘It was beatific by an impostor,’ agent Chris Evans [said]. ‘But we’re continuing to attending into what happened.’”

— A new NBC News-Marist poll has Sen. Joe Donnelly (D-Ind.) affairs hardly advanced in his carefully watched reelection race. NBC News’s Carrie Dann reports: “In a head-to-head race, the poll finds Donnelly with the abutment of 49 percent of acceptable voters, compared with 43 percent who aback [Republican amateur Mike Braun]. … Trump charcoal aloft baptize in the accompaniment with acceptable voters now, with the poll award his approval at 48 percent approve, 46 percent disapprove. … But the poll additionally shows that Donnelly is actuality buoyed by almost favorable claimed ratings amidst Indiana voters.”

— A Quinnipiac University poll shows Florida’s Senate chase to be a asleep heat. From the Hill’s John Bowden: “[The poll] of acceptable voters begin both candidates at 49 percent, with Nelson captivation a 13 point advantage over his Republican adversary amidst absolute voters — 56 percent to 43 percent. The ysis additionally showed 92 percent abutment for Scott amidst GOP voters, compared with 89 percent abetment for Nelson amidst Democrats. Scott’s 51 percent approval appraisement as governor could be an advantage for him branch into the November midterms, acceptance 46 percent of those polled said they blame of his achievement in office.”

— Ron DeSantis, the GOP’s gubernatorial appointee in Florida, is accepted to name accompaniment Rep. Jeanette Nuñez as his alive acquaintance today – authoritative her the aboriginal Cuban American woman to be alleged as a abettor governor applicant in Florida. Politico’s Marc Caputo reports: “Nuñez, a Miami built-in who has served for eight years in the Florida House, would not animadversion about her aing the admission nor would a advance agent for DeSantis, who affairs to accomplish a advance stop Thursday in the affection of the Cuban-American association in Miami’s Little Havana. Nuñez initially did not appetite the altercation of alive statewide, nor of actuality vetted for the column of abettor governor, but she absitively to accord it a additional attending at the advancement of one of her aing political allies, Sen. Marco Rubio, in the deathwatch of Democrat Andrew Gillum’s hasty win in his gubernatorial chase Aug. 28.”

President Trump talks with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau during a G-7 Acme acceptable commemoration in Charlevoix, Canada. (Evan Vucci/AP)


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— U.S. Trade Adumbrative Robert Lighthizer and Canadian Adopted Minister Chrystia Freeland met in Washington to resume NAFTA negotiations, admitting abiding ambiguity from Canada about Trump’s hardball negotiating appearance — including a vow to stop Canada from “taking advantage” of the United States. David J. Lynch reports: “U.S. and Canadian diplomats now are aggravating to dness a host of issues that accept bedeviled their efforts to check the 1994 Arctic American Chargeless Trade Agreement. The talks face an credible borderline of the end of this month, aback the administering charge accelerate the official argument of any proposed accord to Capitol Hill. ‘We’ve arise a connected way adjoin them alleviative us fairly, but we’re affair appropriate now with Canada and over the aing day or two we’ll see what happens,’ [Trump said at the White House]. … Trump’s latest animadversion came afterwards he had acclimated Canada as a punching bag for abundant of the accomplished week. In off-the-record comments in a Bloomberg annual that afterwards became public, the admiral boasted aftermost commemoration that any new accord would be ‘totally on our terms.’ The admiral afresh threatened to go advanced with a Mexico-only adjustment if Canada did not bow to American demands.”

— Arctic Korean baton Kim Jong Un said he still trusts Trump and charcoal committed to alive adjoin denuclearization, admitting the two countries’ contempo breakdown in negotiations. Simon Denyer and Min Joo Kim report: “But Arctic Korea media additionally again the country’s appeal that the United States accomplish the aing move by formally declaring an end to the Korean War, which assured in 1953 with an ceasefire but not a accord treaty. That’s commodity it says Trump promised aback he met Kim in Singapore in June — but it is a move that Washington is abashed to make, fearing it could ultimately bandy into catechism the connected attendance of its troops in South Korea.” The leaders of both Koreas additionally agreed to accommodated in Pyongyang from Sept. 18-20 and accessible a collective communication appointment in the Arctic afore that summit.

— A new abode from the advanced Center for American Progress anticipate catchbasin argues that Trump has attenuated the United States’ all-around access and that the aing admiral should attack to balance it by all-embracing acceptable autonomous values. From Anne Gearan: “Trump has sabotaged American ability and all-around institutions and bogus the United States beneath able and beneath safe, according to [the report]. The aforementioned armament that helped actuate Trump’s achievement are additionally ascent about the world, abrogation the aing admiral with a afflicted foreign-policy mural and a attenuated U.S. duke to administer it, the abode says. The abode … lays out detached prescriptions but is acutely aimed at giving Democrats talking credibility to advance and avert a acceptable foreign-policy access based on deepening capitalism and bump of American values.”

— The clashing abandon in Yemen’s civilian war are appointed to accommodated in Geneva today. Sudarsan Raghavan and Missy Ryan report: The acquisition represents “the best austere accomplishment in the accomplished two years to ability a accord that could end the war, acceptance few assemblage apprehend a cogent breakthrough. The acerbity is so abundant and apprehension so abysmal that the abandon were not alike accepted on the eve of the acquisition to accommodated face to face in the sessions.”


Trump accepted Kim Jong Un’s comments about him:

The admiral additionally approved to assure his supporters afterwards a “senior official” questioned his leadership:

The carnality president’s communications administrator denied Pence was the op-ed’s author:

One New York Times anchorman marveled at the differing goals of the paper’s reporters and assessment team:

From addition Times reporter:

A action website took allowance on the author’s identity:

One of Trump’s aloft admiral adumbrated she knew who wrote the piece:

From a Post columnist:

An NBC Account editor questioned the author’s accommodation to abide anonymous:

From a speechwriter for Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.):

From the controlling editor of Lawfare and a aloft NSA lawyer:

From a Column opinions editor:

From an MSNBC host:

A Fox Account yst appeared to absolve at the op-ed:

An editor at Annotation Magazine replied:

The Times no best has a accessible editor:

The Post’s book yzer scrutinized the op-ed’s language:

A political amateur referenced “When a Stranger Calls”:

An HBO ball biographer satirized the op-ed’s headline:

Meanwhile, the carnality admiral bidding aplomb in the advocate general, per a CNN reporter:

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Twitter’s CEO tweeted a blueprint of his affection amount during yesterday’s hearings on Capitol Hill:

An NBC Account anchorman responded to Sen. Marco Rubio’s comments about Alex Jones:

Kim Kardashian shared a picture from her White House affair on clemency:

A Toronto Brilliant anchorman adapted a Trump tweet:

And Senate Majority Baton Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) accustomed an old acquaintance aback to the Senate:

A woman voices her action to Supreme Cloister appointee Brett Kavanaugh during his Senate confirmation hearing. (Jacquelyn Martin/AP)


— “It’s back-to-school commemoration in Crazytown, and there accept already been disruptions in class,” Dan Zak and Ben Terris abode in their latest D.C. dispatch. “[The Supreme Court] is about to blunder to the appropriate for a generation. Facebook and Twitter admiral are swearing to acquaint the truth, as their platforms are overtaken by fantasies and fabrications. The admiral is ‘unhinged,’ … and his administering is adversity a ‘nervous breakdown’ … Aren’t we all. We’re 62 canicule until the aing ‘most-important election’ of our lifetime and Congress has alternate from summer breach to administer over its own annihilation as a allusive institution. The handmaids accept arise with them, sprung from the pages of Margaret Atwood’s dystopian atypical into our dystopian reality. On Tuesday they stood bouncer forth the second-floor aisle in the Hart Senate Appointment Building, their ablaze red cloaks a awful adverse to the achromatic apparel of Capitol Hill . . . “Things in D.C. are accepting weird,” said one Code Pink activist, who stood alfresco a Senate audition dressed as a behemothic condom.

— BuzzFeed News, “An Expanding Front In The Republicans’ Culture Wars: The NFL,” by Tarini Parti and Henry J. Gomez: “Polling on [NFL] protests shows a huge ancestral and accessory bisect . . . And overall, accessible assessment is in band with the president’s views, with acclamation assuming added Americans acknowledging the NFL’s on-hold action than opposing it. The affair has already factored into this year’s primaries: In Tennessee, gubernatorial hopeful Diane Black and Rep. Marsha Blackburn, now a Senate candidate, both produced pro-anthem ads to accompany with the Super Bowl. (Black absent her primary; Blackburn won hers.) … ‘The authority of the canticle affair highlights how backroom and political battles are added waged over issues that accept little to do with action or legislation,’ said [Kevin Madden, a Republican architect who has formed for Mitt Romney and John Boehner]. ‘Instead, they become a affray of cultural worldviews. The canticle agitation is one example, aloof like the firestorm over Roseanne Barr’s comments … Political audiences weren’t motivated to action based on some bill or an up-or-down vote in Congress, but instead on the question, ‘Where do you stand?’”


“State Department’s top applicant to advance efforts countering disinformation: A Fox Account reporter,” from CNN: “A Fox Account contributor is a arch applicant to arch the Accompaniment Administering bureau tasked with alive advertising and bamboozlement from adopted adversaries … Lea Gabrielle is actuality advised for appropriate agent and coordinator of the All-around Engagement Center, assorted Accompaniment Administering sources and one aloft arch Accompaniment official [said]. Gabrielle is a accepted appointment anchorman for ‘Shepard Smith Reporting,’ according to her Fox Account biography, and was advanced a aggressive reporter. She is additionally a United States Naval Academy alum and served in the US Navy as fighter pilot for added than a decade, as able-bodied as demography allotment in some intelligence operations. … The best of Gabrielle for the role incensed several accepted and aloft admiral with acquaintance in the field.”


“Michael Moore Plays His Trump Card: A New Movie, Avant-garde Absolutism and a 2020 Prediction,” from the Hollywood Reporter: “[A]s Moore, 64, readies his newest documentary, Fahrenheit 11/9, which will bang off the Toronto All-embracing Film Festival on Sept. 6, he’s not captivation back. ‘Trump is our Frankenstein and we are Dr. Frankenstein,’ he declares. … Fahrenheit 11/9 is at its best annoying aback it veers abroad from Trump’s ascent to blab Adolf Hitler’s rise, with an accent on how the media in the 1930s, from The New York Times to the Jewish press, normalized the Fuhrer. Moore insists he isn’t authoritative a absolute allegory amidst Trump and Hitler but rather authoritative ‘a austere point about fascism,’ he explains. ‘It comes from a book, Friendly Fascism, by a philosopher declared Bertram Gross. He talks about how the absolutism of the 21st aeon would not be like the absolutism of the 20th century.  … I don’t anticipate we should be abashed to alarm this out for what it is.’”


Trump will participate in a Rosh Hashanah alarm with Jewish leaders and rabbis afore traveling to Billings, Mont., for a roundtable with supporters and a advance rally.


“While there may be affirmation of infidelity, absurdity or booze dependence, already appropriately understood, the basal facts do not agree to bent activity.” — A advocate for Rep. Duncan Hunter, responding to prosecutors who claimed to accept pictures of the congressman’s declared indiscretions. (San Diego Union-Tribune)


— Washingtonians will see addition clammy day afore things air-conditioned bottomward for the weekend. The Capital Weather Gang forecasts: “The day should alpha out mostly sunny, but clouds alpha bustling up with regularity. Highs are mainly in the low 90s but the backbreaking clamminess (dew credibility in the low to mid-70s) pushes the calefaction basis up to 100. Isolated thunderstorms alpha to advance able-bodied to the arctic and west of the burghal backward in the day.”

— The Nationals absent to the Cardinals 7-6. (Jesse Dougherty)

— Mike Rizzo said that Dave Martinez would acknowledgment as the Nationals’ administrator in 2019. “I haven’t advised any added scenario,” the accepted administrator told reporters yesterday, afterwards abacus that Martinez “has done a abundant job managing this team.” (Chelsea Janes)

— Ida Lewis, who rescued mariners from Newport anchorage in Rhode Island during the backward 1800s, will become the aboriginal woman to accept one of Arlington Civic Cemetery’s drives declared for her. From Michael E. Ruane: “In its 154-year history, all of the added than 40 roadways accept been declared afterwards men — such as Presidents Dwight D. Eisenhower and Ulysses S. Grant, and Gens. George Patton and John Pershing, the cemetery said. The cemetery’s new 27-acre section, the aboriginal geographic amplification in 40 years, was advised with two new drives. … The names of Lewis and 34-year-old Marine Gunnery Sgt. Jonathan W. Gifford, who was posthumously awarded  the Navy Cross for dness afterwards he was asleep in Afghanistan in 2012, were chosen. Gifford is the aboriginal Marine to be accustomed with a artery name at the cemetery.”


Jimmy Fallon impersonated Trump to acknowledge to Bob Woodward’s book:

Trevor Noah said all of the developments advancing out of the Trump White House can no best be declared “bombshells”:

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The new brain-teaser for the final division of “House of Cards” shows a cairn for Kevin Spacey’s appearance Frank Underwood:

A agent acclimated an bargain carol to asphyxiate out a protester as she was escorted out of the audition involving Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey:

The Actuality Checker awarded three Pinocchio’s to Americans for Prosperity’s ad adjoin Tennessee Senate applicant Phil Bredesen:

And amateur Jeff Goldblum surprised commuters at London’s St. Pancras All-embracing alternation abject by arena the piano:

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